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consultation & coaching

One-time consultation session

I conduct initial 60-minute consultations sessions with clients who are ready to spark change, solve problems, target painpoints, and start momentum on shaking loose the things keeping you stuck. I learn more about you. You share sixty minutes of space with someone with no vested interest in anything but providing feedback and the kind of practical, actionable skill building that can equip you to up-level you life.

resonance | impact | focus | action | clarity

These are hallmarks of my work with clients in my practice as I endeavor to equip individuals with the skills and insight that result in creation of richer lives, relationships, careers, and financial futures.

Ongoing consultation & coaching 

Following an initial strategy session, many clients request to continue the work we have started on a more regular, repeat basis. This creates the opportunity to continue the momentum of our first meeting, delve deeper into untangling complexity, and provide expanded time for fostering development of skills and shifting problematic patterns through the behavioral guardrails afforded by regular accountability. Protected space that is yours to find language and process out loud can be powerful and translate to significant gains in the remaining 10,035 minutes in a person's week.  

resonance | clarity| focus  | action | impact

You are probably saying some of the things you don't or haven't figured out how to say to anyone else.

I am probably saying the things people around you are thinking but not saying directly to you.

I accept a limited number of clients who apply to work with me on an ongoing, monthly basis for weekly or bi-weekly 45- minute sessions.


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