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Don’t Act Expensive

Have more of your costly choices in life occurred while acting alone or in concert with someone else?

Is it more expensive to go it alone?

In the moment, without someone to slow you down in the dark, you can act now but pay dearly later.  Financial impulsivity – which typically ignites and drives someone to act in isolation – will most often inhibit your pursuit of financial wellness.   Emotional arousal deters a careful accounting of whether a choice is one that your future self will thank you for making. 

Fear frequently bankrolls investment and spending actions that drain,  and ultimately rain on your financial parade. 

“I don’t want to miss out.” 

“I may never have this chance ever again.” 

“I am desperate, and this seems like my only option.”

Excitement can be expensive.  Red hot want will rarely make you rich.  A slow striking when the iron is cold is the way to time your decisions.  The dopamine dump of a day trading thrill may hit you like cognitive crack but ultimately disappoint when you look honestly at your dollars over time. 

Financial Friend or Foe?

There are times when other people can nudge (or shove) you in a direction that does not serve your bottom line.  Social pressure to spend can suck your bank account dry. A decision to buy because “everyone else seems to think it’s a good idea” may be based in skewed perception shared by a flock of daft sheep.  Pay attention to who you are taking your money cues from.

If you are your own worst enemy and your social sphere is doing little to financially serve you, what then?  Find someone to help you stay in your lane and trip your trigger finger.  A voice to remind you of your why, an agreed upon how, and when.

Act, but bring someone smart to the party. Choose your accomplice carefully. Don’t act expensive.


June 15, 2020

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