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One-day intensive consultation experiences

Throughout the year I offer a limited number of one-day intensive strategy sessions to provide laser-focus on a project or issue that you want to address and conquer. Your experience will include:
- a 45-minute preparation call to establish an agenda for your experience
- a 6-hour strategy session situated in the scenic epitome of elegance: Napa, California (or virtually if you prefer not to travel to California)
- If you elect to hold your session in Napa, you will receive two nights in a luxury hotel accommodation to ensure that you are able to unwind and recharge. Gourmet dining (in the morning beverages and lunch) are included to fuel your progress.
- Work together for a six-hour day complete with an agenda that will be collaboratively developed in advance of our time together.

This will be a customized experience tailored your unique goals. Pack your bag and prepare for clarity, energy, deeper understanding, and confidence to make changes to unlock the growth that is waiting for you.

Progress is not linear. The path often includes a sense that you’ve one step forward and two steps back interspersed between periods of plateau contrasted by sharp inclines of rapid, transformative growth.

For clients seriously seeking to dial in and delve deep and are ready to prioritize and protect time, I offer one-on-one intensive strategy and consultation experiences in Napa, California. These sessions allow clients to protect and prioritize objectives that matter the most. Every day life can fracture time and pull attention away from addressing issues or developing a strategy for projects that are sitting in your current queue, creating stress and slowing you down.

One time per year, I lead a three-month mastermind experience for motivated female professionals who are seeking to reach the next level in their businesses and careers whilst maintaining alignment to their true priorities in each important role they hold in their lives.

Regular meetings of the mind create a powerful combination of creative strategy, learning honest feedback, and accountability. In my clinical career, I observed over and over the transformation that occurred when an individual had the courage to engage in group work with peers who were committed to helping them sharpen how they showed up in their lives and relationships. I believe all professionals should be participating in some group experience. Peer-led masterminds can be highly effective. Many groups that organically arise from people in your existing circle work and work well. Those facilitated by someone professionally trained in group dynamics can bring participant experience to the next level. I am intentional about selectively curating a composition of group members that will complement one another based on role, industry, and personality.

I invite individuals interested to learn more to contact me for an application for this program. Most people who have interacted with me professionally – as a colleague or client – know that I am somewhat of an apostle of group work. I believe in it because I have seen it work. Over and over. In my own life and work and in the lives of people who have trusted me enough to take a brave leap of their own to try it on for size. It has potential to change what you are doing in a very unique way.

There is something truly transformative that has the potential to unfold when lives strategically intersect, intentional connection occurs, and you are given the gift of seeing things about your present circumstances and challenges through the clarity of a team of people outside of you who are deeply invested in your success. 

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