show up on purpose.  without regret.  live like you are living on borrowed time.

After marrying the man who captured my heart shortly after our first photo together was snapped (I was five days old. Arranged marriage for the win), I pinned rank on his shoulders witnessed him take an oath to defend and protect our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. He signed his name on the line. And in many senses, so did I. The United States military determined that my next street address would be in the United Kingdom. I mastered driving on the left hand side of the road and checked having tea at the Ritz off of my bucket list. Sitting in "just for fun" psychology courses at Cambridge stirred a strong desire to reengage with academia. I completed my M.A. and launched my clinical career.

Aware that I was not yet ready to be done being steeped in academia, I pursued my doctorate at George Washington University. When my dissertation was signed, I relocated to Princeton, NJ for twelve months. I became a frequent flyer at the Starbucks on Nassau Street, realized how much I missed being able to made left turns while driving, and completed rotations at the University Medical Center during the final year of my doctoral training. My last trip south on the Turnpike brought me back to DC where I found myself very at home in the culture of drive and determination that characterizes the landscape of our nation's capital. 

While one move brought me across the pond, the most recent brought me across the country. Since gaining a California zip code I have: had the life-altering experience of giving birth to twin tiny humans born at 31 weeks/4 days, checked skydiving off of my bucket list, purchased my first wheatgrass plant, and discovered the most incredible shop for my olive- and mustard-loving self in the charming town of Caramel-by-the-Sea. 

When out of office, I am most likely frequenting Chipotle and exploring the backstreets of Napa with my better half and two tiny humans in tow. During my tenure on the left coast, I have been moved by the time I have spent working with some of our country's top, highly-decorated leaders, experienced the energy of Silicon Valley, and come to appreciate why so many leave their hearts in San Francisco.


I walked across the stage and accepted an undergraduate diploma at age twenty one. Countless all-nighters and many pots of coffee helped me to scaffold a strong foundation in Communication, Public Relations, Biblical Studies, Psychology and Theater. Two weeks later I packed my bags and drove from my childhood home in the frigid midwest to Boulder, Colorado. I put on my black suit and rolled my chair up to the desk of the corporate world on an office overlooking Pearl Street. 

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Stop Selling Yourself Short

I focus on equipping clients to successfully navigate unique challenges they face in their roles and responsibilities as they build and develop the careers, financial futures, relationships, and lives they hope for as they face forward. I assist clients in gaining clarity, developing insight, and igniting actionable change. I challenge clients to become uninhibited about their individualized definition of success and pursue the path they desire with reckless abandon. 


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