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Joy Lere, Psy.D.

 Licensed clinical psychologist 

How are you unwittingly getting in your own way?

Strengthen self-awareness.

Resiliently cope with challenge and change.

Pursue purpose, make meaning, and surpass what you previously thought possible.

I work with individuals to help them develop insight and skills that lead to improved self-awareness, healthier relationships,
personal growth, and resilience. 


I am a licensed clinical psychologist and behavioral finance consultant with a practice in Napa, California. 
I have previously served as an Associate Clinical Professor of Clinical Psychology at George Washington University and have held clinical and research positions at  Children's National Medical Center, the Penn Medicine Princeton Health, and the Department of Defense.

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I work with thoughtful, curious individuals who often know the “right” answers but find themselves repeatedly pulled into familiar, problematic patterns that are holding them back from achieving their full potential.  

MY PSYCHOTHERAPY CLIENTS ARE MOTIVATED to be better versions of themselves.  I believe in going beyond quick-fix solutions for symptoms and think people are best served when they can pursue meaningful, sustained change. psychotherapy is an avenue for you to discover how to live more fully and freely.



Who works with me? 

They maybe look more like you than you think.

Consultation & Coaching

Are you a professional who wants to have the kinds of discussions that hold the potential to shift your compass and change your entire destination? Identify what is working, what you need to leave behind, and what you need to start. 

Start creating a new reality for yourself




Organizational Consultant

I deliver training and education in partnership with organizations committed to developing a cultural milieu in which their most important commodity—their people—have confidence that they are valued assets worthy of investment.  

I PROVIDE CONSULTATION TO ORGANIZATIONS AND LEADERS WHO SEEK ARE MOTIVATED TO CREATE HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS.  I provide training and education on mental health topics, including resilience, emotional intelligence, empathy, burnout and stress management.



Behavioral Finance

A person's financial life is a complex calculus of personal history, thinking, emotions, and environment. Financial advisors are trained in how to manage money, but they aren't taught how to work with people who are talking and thinking about one of the most emotionally-fraught aspects of their lives. I work with members of the finance industry to understand how psychology impacts their clients' financial decision-making and behavior.

Behavioral Finance: Go Beyond Bias

discover how to have better conversations that inspire to better decisions and lead to better outcomes



My clients learn how to understand their emotional triggers, set boundaries,
overcome setbacks, manage stress, and communicate with others more effectively. 

Stop selling yourself short, and start living the life you want—on purpose.


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all kinds of anxious about your money?

quell your financial fear

all kinds of anxious about your money?

quell your financial fear