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I don’t believe in quick, temporary, superficial bandaid fixes. I commit to enduring change. I am not an advice-giver nor am I in the business of having the kind of conversation you can have with a friend over an overpriced latte at a local coffee shop. I don’t believe in providing a client experience that you can get from a workbook for $14.99 on Amazon

There is tremendous power that is born out of a fusion of clarity, intentionality, focus, and authenticity. Identify what is working, what you need to leave behind, and what you need to create inertia to start.

I am able to speak with compassionate candor that may be more difficult for people who hold other roles in your life.

My role is to be a catalyst for discussions and exploration about what really counts: Aspirations. Priorities. Performance. Outcome. Values. Functioning. Sanity. 

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Connect with me and start to have the discussions that hold potential to shift your compass and change your entire destination .

In over a decade of experience working with exceptionally bright, accomplished individuals, I can attest to the fact that the problem is often not knowing the “right” things to do. What is problematic is that knowledge often insufficient for change. Intellect is not enough. If it was there would be a lot of industries that would have bottomed out and gone bankrupt long ago. Developing behavioral guardrails and accountability in your life can give you a fighting chance at staying in your lane and blazing an upward trajectory on which you are set up for success. Other times people do genuinely find themselves flailing directionless, with no forward momentum. When next steps are unclear, developing with focused specificity a vision followed by an attainable, realistic, actionable plan can be precisely what is needed to propel you forward.

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There are aspects of our selves that we simply cannot see. Having a voice you trust who has no vested interest in doing anything but provide feedback to help you grow is a radically powerful thing. I commit to telling you what they need to hear, not just what you want to hear (there are enough people in your life doing that already).


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