I work with bright individuals who know the "right answers" but repeatedly find themselves repeatedly pulled into familiar, problematic patterns that are holding them back from reaching their true potential.

Who sits on the couch?

They are physicians, attorneys, executives, and people you watch on the nightly news. They are electricians and engineers. They are professors, parents, and project managers. They are politicians. They are top military leaders, therapists, and teachers. 

They are me. They are you.

Psychotherapy is not for people who are broken.

Psychotherapy is for people who are motivated
to be better versions of themselves.

work with me

I am a clinical psychologist and hold licenses and credentials in the states of California, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. I  provide telemedicine sessions via phone or HIPPA-compliant video platform for patients in California, Virginia, and Washington.D.C.

I do not participate as an in-network provider with any insurance panels. Your confidentiality is of paramount importance to me, and I believe strongly that you - not your insurance company - should retain ultimate control and agency the course of your treatment and treatment plan. I am considered an out-of-network provider with many insurance plans and provide patients with an itemized "Superbill" with all treatment and diagnostic codes necessary if they elect to seek reimbursement for psychotherapy from their current carrier. I encourage potential patients to obtain confirmation and clarification from their insurance provider about the scope and nature of their current out-of-network benefit options and coverage.

Psychotherapy is a significant investment of your resources. Your time. Your money. Your energy. Research about the outcome of psychotherapy reveals again and again that the fit between patient and clinical is of paramount importance in the ultimate success of treatment. I explain to all potential patients that priority is ensuring that you connect with the clinician who will be the best fit for you, not that you specifically work with me.

finding the right fit

Do I need a coach or a therapist?

I frequently have a waitlist for patients, but if you would like to explore the possibility of working together in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.  


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